Kratom Ticture

  • Organic
  • Natural Perscription Alternative
  • #1 Herbal Pain Killer and Stress Reducer

An Overview

Kratom Tincture is basically the various alkaloids of this plant extracted into a liquid. The actual process used for extracting is a close guarded secret. The vendors offering quality tinctures would not share this information to the general public to prevent other vendors using their “formulae”. Some crude methods of extraction include boiling the raw leaf in vodka or soaking in pure alcohol. I heard one website was using acetone to extract, but no one bought from them twice as their tinctures tasted like fire. I do know that a quality kratom tincture takes around 6-8 weeks to produce. If you sample a crude extract vs. on that has been produced to a quality standard and slowly, the difference is quality is obvious.

I’ve done a lot of research on this plant and here is my story to date: “I am an uncontrollable insomniac and for years have suffered with these symptoms of “no sleep” while others are happily dreaming. Not only does it stress myself but I am continually self-conscious about the negative impact upon my partner who patiently remains silent while I turn and toss through the night keeping her awake with me too.

Once my girlfriend said it was making her feel tired at work and occasionally wanted to sleep in our spare room, I began unsuccessfully searched for something to help me sleep; something that not only make me sleep, but also is devoid of any depression triggers or dangerous side effects from many western medicines. I reluctantly gave barbs a try, but sleep tablets sedative effects only leave me questioning the potential long-term effects - with that muggy morning mood again making me paranoid I was going to lose my girlfriend, and leaving my early morning outlook duller than a winter day in England.

I tried Yoga, I tried running until I was too tired to stand, I tried nutmeg, Tai Chi, warm milk, various herbal tea concoctions but nothing helped. After many long-winded deliberations I turned to homeopathic remedies, which I didn’t have much faith in, but I would give them one reluctant last go. This is where Kratom tincture cropped up, and became my saving grace. Kratom also known as Mitragyna speciosa is a Thai herb that amongst many other varieties is available in tincture form. The herb is predominantly known for it's psychoactive traits but can be incorporated into a plethora of practices, and for me this was sleep. The liquid essence drank like a shot on a empty stomach. The effects begin after 30-40 minutes, so I normally take my shot an hour before bedtime. My girlfriend even started drinking, as it was hard for her to fall asleep second after years of me toss and turning through the night.

Kratom tincture basically saved my relationship. Drinking this magic shot seems to have significantly corrected my sleep pattern - not 100% fixed- but certainly has had a huge impact. I would recommend anyone with insomnia issues to research this reputable remedy and hopefully you'll enjoy a good nights sleep too.

Kratom tincture has been very popular in the last year as the tincture is the new method of how tincture can be utilized. You can find different strengths of kratom tincture but be careful as many stores use a lot of chemicals in creating their blend.